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Lee Hardcastle has a strong passion for the finer details in antiques and their design, his interest in the antiques world started almost 35 years ago from Northern England where he originally hails. Lee developed an excellent grounding in the Antique world through researching, trading and working at antique fairs frequented by an industry established group of peers who possessed an excellent antiques pedigree. Having worked across an extremely broad range of antique pieces, it became apparent quickly that Lee’s greatest interest was in the higher end stylish furniture market, Lee quickly built a strong reputation for holding higher calibre stock that he traded and exhibited throughout this market.

Collecting, and trading in Natural history and Fine furniture, Lee would source furniture to order for his clients through a network of contacts he possessed in England and further afield. Lee would always align himself with his client base, his knowledge of his clients taste, requirements, quirks and most importantly budget would ensure he would often identify pieces of furniture for them before they had even requested that he do so.

Lee’s knowledge, reputation and passion for fine antiques has never wavered, he prides himself in providing his clients with excellent service and the ability to source an array of objects of merit for their consideration. From humble beginnings as the owner/occupier of a shop in Queen street, Woollahra, Sydney,  Lee dealt in Taxidermy,  Natural History and fine furniture. These early dealings gave the local market a strong sense of the type of antiques dealer he was. Recognising that the local market was saturated, Lee broadened his client base by exhibiting at Fairs in Melbourne and overseas.

The antiques trade has changed significantly over the years,  people understand that it is imperative to purchase good objects from recognised dealers aligned to reputable organisations such as the AAADA.

Always looking to progress and influence his trade, Lee’s dealings take him across the globe. As a frequent traveller, Lee is never happier than when he is hunting great objects such as international sculpture, art and of course Furniture from some of the best collections available to supply to his client base.

Lee’s specialities include English furniture, Natural History, Asian Art unusual objects for the real and avid antique collector.  

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